80s & 90s Thrash Metal ist ihr Lieblingssport mit groovigen Referenzen und das ist es, was sie mit ihrem brandneuen Album “Full Body Stomp” abliefern.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, DETRAKTOR is a band that consists of a Canadian and two members from Chile. 80s & 90s thrash metal is their favourite “sport” with groovy references and that’s what they deliver with their brand new album, “Full Body Stomp”, out by Massacre Records.

They have existed as a band since late 2016 and a year later, they won Wacken Metal Battle (Germany), eventually playing in Wacken Open Air. Their EP, “Size Matters”, featured Dirk Schlaechter of GAMMA RAY on bass and as a producer, was released in 2018 and their debut, “Grinder”, came out through Violent Creek next year, showcasing a more mature band and they got many positive reviews from the Press worldwide.

However, after playing a few shows and festivals, a pandemic hit and they couldn’t promote their work. The only thing left was to rediscover themselves, get a new drummer (Pablo Cortes from UNDERCROFT) and record a new album.

“Full Body Stomp”, has just been released and it features a relentless group of musicians, playing uncompromising thrash/groove metal in the vein of SEPULTURA, PANTERA, OVERKILL and SLAYER. From top notch recording and production to a heavier and more mature sound, DETRAKTOR enters a new chapter in their existence with this record. One that will answer all outstanding questions about what has happened in this long period of despair. Every riff and every word will prove that DETRAKTOR has been working hard on giving the listener the best goddamn headbanging experience they can possibly ask for.